Due to COVID-19, please call the store for new tattoo work for any questions about our current procedures. Please pardon our dust! Although we are still open and making 🔥legendary🔥tattoos at this very moment, the New Republic Tattoo location, Facebook page and website are under construction. Contact your artist directly for booking info ~ or ~ text Sarah @260.416.6213 xoxo

Price Estimates


Estimating the price of a tattoo is best done in person.  We have found it to be easier to discuss the details that way.  Pricing may fluctuate as more information and a better idea of the design is made available.  Some tattoos can be completed in a single visit; other designs require many hours and multiple appointments to finish.  If you are working within a particular budget or have a concept you want considered for an estimate, please contact us.  When you do, please consider and include the following information:


1. Design Imagery 

  • the list of objects, images, and/or words
  • being open to additional ideas will result in a better design
  • the more particular you are the more specific you need to be
  • the "I'll know it when I see it" approach doesn't work


2. Location

  • where on the body
  • some locations are more expensive due to difficulty of application
  • some locations are more likely to need a touchup


3. Size

  • approximate the overall dimensions of the tattoo
  • be specific about the various elements in your design


4. Black & Grey vs. Color

  • color should be avoided for those with darker complexions and who frequently go tanning
  • full color tattoos can be more expensive to complete